Please note:
  • Fees are non refundable
  • Fees are to be paid in advance
  • Credits for missed lessons are not available but it is possible to compensate for missed lessons in other classes (providing there is a free space) or in Art Club





Adults Drawing and Painting Courses
Choose your sessions:


Beginners and Intermediate

–  2 hours per week x 10 weeks –

Face to face classes


Monday 10am – 12pm

Fee £299



Monday 7pm – 9pm

Fee £299



Tuesday 7pm – 9pm

Fee £299



Thursdays  7pm – 9pm

Fee: £299



Fridays  10am – 12pm

Fee: £299




Advanced Level

–  3 hours per week x 10 weeks –

Zoom ( online) classes



Tuesday 10am – 1pm

Fee £399



Wednesday 10am – 1pm

Fee £399



Wednesday  6pm – 9pm

Fee £399



Saturday 10am – 1pm

Fee £399



Material included

  • The course provides a wide selection of all materials and all equipment necessary for the completion of tasks and projects
  • You may however need to buy or collect certain materials for your individual need, similarly, your final project requires you to prepare and bring in relevant materials or visual research
  • Canvases are NOT included but can be purchased here or you can bring your own.


Lino Printing Workshops

Fee: £179

2pm – 5pm

Please see Timetable




Watercolour Club

£179 / term  – 10 weeks

Wednesdays 2pm – 5pm



For the dates, please see Timetable


Art Club

Only open to Art Class students

£19 / session, unless you are compensating for a missed lesson, then it is free.

Pay as you go. Contact tutor for more info.

Saturdays only.

For the dates, please see Timetable.




£40  / hour ,  minimum 2 hours booking = £80

Please contact us to arrange time available



The end of term exhibition

  • Exhibition of Student’s Work at the end of each term organised and assembled for you
  • Family and friends event, drinks & snacks provided
  • Please supply the work ready to hang at the end of the term
  • Students can collect their work within the first 2 weeks of the term (or the day after the exhibition)
  • ‘art CLASS’ will not be responsible for any work left behind after this period (stated above)

£40 per student



Extra Lessons

Needed for completion of the artwork in the any other class providing there is free space – £19

Refreshments included

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Biscuits

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