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We offer Drawing and Painting Course suitable for all levels.  Various projects are explored on different level of abilities, using a range of disciplines and materials – studio set up, thematic projects, mixed media, etc.

“art CLASS” provides a thorough basis for understanding all drawing and painting elements and principles. Detailed information given on materials and techniques. Students can further develop methods of visual expression and are encouraged to develop a portfolio of work.

Following Joseph Beuys’ moto – “Every human being is an artist” – The ultimate aim of Art Class is to inspire students to realise their full creative potential and make them into artists. Many of our students have taken this path. Some went into a higher education and some now do their practice independently and successfully.


Drawing and Painting All Levels



On Tue/Wed/Sat

Suitable for all levels of students.
No formal entry requirements.

You will be given an introductory Power Point Presentation at the beginning of every term.
Each term is focusing on a different topic.
Project hand-outs given and introduction to relevant artists.
Ongoing support is provided through a variety of visual reference material, including hand-outs, slide presentations, artists books and exhibition information.
You will receive regular feedback from the tutor throughout the course, as and when appropriate.
There is a group discussion at the end of every session.

In the First half of the course you will be introduced to a wide range of exciting techniques, materials, concepts.
Students are taught through group and individual tuition.
Last 5 weeks are dedicated to students’ individual projects drawn from the first 5 weeks of introduction.

By the end of course you will be able to:
-Create work using different materials and techniques
-Explore diverse approaches to drawing and painting
-Creatively observe and record visual sources
-Carry out research
-Uncover and instigate creative ideas
-Exhibit your final artwork


Material included

  • The course provides a wide selection of all materials and all equipment necessary for the completion of tasks and projects
  • You may however need to buy or collect certain materials for your individual need, similarly, your final project requires you to prepare and bring in relevant materials or visual research
  • Canvases are NOT included but can be purchased here or you can bring your own.




Intro and demo by teacher.




Saturdays 2pm – 5pm

Block of 4 sessions  £120, needs to be booked together


11, 12, 18, 19  May

8, 9, 15, 16  June



Sundays 2pm-5pm

Block of 4 sessions  £120 needs to be booked together


This workshop is an introduction to basic and advanced lino printing principles and methods.
You will be given practical demonstrations of techniques and instruction on use of equipment.
Starting with developing fine cutting techniques and exploring line, tone and texture to produce monochromatic prints.
Then you will learn how to design, carve and print linocuts in colour and how to register different layers.
Through a series of exercises you will learn how to mix and control colour and how to work with transparent layers to create more colours.

Booking 2 sessions is advisable – one can only do so much in 3 hours.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to:

  • use cutting tools confidently to create a rich variety of marks
  • make linocuts by the reduction method
  • print using a relief press and burnish by hand

All basic materials are provided. It is recommended that you bring visual source material i.e. photos, postcards, sketchbooks, drawings as inspiration. Keep your design simple enough to achieve a finished print.

All levels are welcome.






Art Club

Art Class students only.
£12 per session (unless you are compensating for a missed lesson – then it is free)
Access to a fully equipped studio
Pay as you go

Only open to Art Class students in order to:

  • Compensate for missed lessons
  • Put extra hours in artwork
  • Meet students from other groups
  • Exchange ideas and techniques with others
  • Build an art community

PLEASE NOTE:  Art Club is not open during Lino Printing Workshop.
For dates please see Timetable.



Watercolour Club


Open to all independent water-colourists;

Access to a fully equipped studio
Still life and various other resources available; books, etc.
All materials provided: paper, watercolours, etc.
Friendly group, very passionate about the medium
Open to all independent water-colourists

£120 per term – 10 weeks



Studio Practice  on Thursdays

Group of 5 Artists minimum, in a fully equipped art studio,

who wish to work independently with a group of other artists. No tutor present.


Thursdays:  £250 per person includes 10 Fridays (10 Week Term) from 10 am-5 pm


Refreshments included

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Biscuits

Other Information

Committed to equal opportunities
We seek to provide an environment in which all individuals are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential



Loss of and damage of property

‘art CLASS’ does not accept liability for the loss of or damage to property or clothing sustained by students on the premises used by ‘art CLASS’. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the safety of students’ work, art CLASS regrets that it cannot be held responsible for work left on the premises which is subsequently lost or broken.

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