What makes Art Class different from other classes?



‘We are encouraged by our teacher at Art Class to explore and expand our own potential as well as being given inspiration by visiting the works of different styles of artists, and the opportunity to experiment with techniques around a theme. The termly exhibitions give students a goal to work towards and illustrate the skills we have learnt as well as the individuality of each of us.’

Stella Cattini


‘Our fabulous teacher gives us direction then lets us create with a free rein, stepping in when necessary with wise guidance, technical help and encouragement.’

Pat Sheldon


‘You give us ideas, teach us techniques, introduce us to other artists, encourage us out of our comfort zone, push us to show our work in exhibitions. But importantly let us follow our own route if we wish.’

Jill Hughes


‘Our teacher encourages a supportive and very friendly atmosphere especially with the added weekly art club and getting to know other classes as well as your own – creating a community of new friends, lovely people who all love art.’

Jo Davis


“Having not done any art since high school, well over 20 years ago, I decided I wanted to get back into doing art, but had lost a lot of confidence. In the last couple of years, art classes with D. Kalinich have been an absolute joy to go to. She has helped instill in me a new enthusiasm to create and to enjoy the exploration of making art in its many different mediums.”

Michelle Wong


“The classes helped me to be brave and take risks, and they were alot of fun too! I would heartily recommend Ms Kalinich as a teacher.”

Elaine Ginsburg


“Courses are always informative and stimulating. The tutor assists her students to maximise their strengths and to explore other areas, both in terms of subject matter and media. Her feedback is always constructive and positive and motivates students towards their best work.”

David Mackenzie


“I learned a lot from Dubravka. She helped me to understand the importance of grasping the fundamentals – colour, form, texture and composition, but encouraged me enormously and gave me the confidence to find and express my own style. It’s not all praise, but it’s always constructive advice.”

Robert Goate


“Dubravka organises and leads a most stimulating class which combines the process of leading some class members through various development stages with facilitating other more developed class members with their chosen projects.

I have found the atmosphere and culture in the class very stimulating and encouraging where it is possible to learn as much from other class members as it is from Dubravka as leader.

She is able to give an excellent balance of encouragement and positive feedback while at the same time being very challenging and confronting when appropriate.

I particularly like the end of the lesson when we compare and contrast and discuss the merits of each picture. There is an excitement and joy in the class which I appreciate very much. Thank you.”

Anthony Royle


“I have been a student with Dubravka Kalinich for about 5 years. She helped me, guided me, pushed , me and challenged me, and i am amazed at he progress I have made. I started with a sense of colour , and an eye for form , but now, instead of doing little ‘fauve’ landscapes I can draw life models, create multi-media pieces of work from a concept , and have confidence to explore pain, form , composition, and colour. I am looking forward to this next year’s course, and have no idea were it will take me in terms of my creativity.”

Angela Eden


“I have frequented the courses of Dubravka for 3 terms and built a portfolio of work like never before! Her style of teaching is very, very friendly and she seems capable to inspire and find the right angle with every individual. In other terms she really does care about her students.Her approach in teaching is fundamentally classic, fortunately! At the same time it is never stuffy, she will help you to come out with the real you, your personal mark of creativity will be greatly encouraged to express itself and you’ll never get bored. Dubravka has got also tremendously good taste in art, she could be easily a fantastic art writer but I think her real passion is in teaching and making art and she’s very, very good at it. Thank you for your attention folks. All the very best.”

Andrea Zani


“I’ve learnt more about my work in a couple of years at Dubravka’s class than in 20 years of other classes. She is perceptive and encouraging, critical and instructive, and I feel genuinely involved in my progress and keen to see me achieve my full potential as an artist.”

Janet Kumar


“You might be tightly closed like an oyster shell but you can be opened by the teacher if you are willing. It can take some time, maybe a year or two, but if there is a pearl within, you will find it.”

Martin Bould

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