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Drawing and painting 2 – advanced

Independent Themed Projects Advanced Level


These are STUDIO based classes. We no longer offer online (Zoom) classes.

10 x 3h session

10 x 3h session
10.00 – 13.00

10 x 3h session

10 x 3h session

Designed for advanced students.
One session of 3 hours per week.
10 weeks course
You can choose your day.

10.00 – 13.00
18.00 – 21.00


Days of Week
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday


Course Description

“Offers creative possibilities in painting and related media. Emphasizes experimentation and individual expression. “

Connect with creative peers, get back to our fully equipped studio and experience our Independent Themed Project Course. This class is suitable for students and emerging artists with previous experience in drawing and painting wanting to develop their practice through our Themed but Independent Course.
Explore visual literacy and culture through presentations and student-centred projects that emphasize individual development.
Students should be comfortable using their initiative to explore or develop a personal project out of a given theme. You will be encouraged to cultivate your individual expression and visual language, with guidance from the tutors and generative feedback from group critiques.

This unique painting course combines studio time with a discussion to expand students’ understanding of and relationship with contemporary painting. Students will further develop their painting skills through exercises and projects that question and experiment with traditional painting approaches and techniques.
Alongside active studio work, students will begin to locate their own practice within broader themes by examining diverse traditional, modern and contemporary painters.
We will focus on a non-traditional approach to making images encouraging conceptual development, experimentation and research. Moving beyond observation-based drawings multiple thematic possibilities will be explored.
Emphasis will be placed equally on ideas and technical execution.