What our students say

Dubravka shows you how to see rather than just to look, and then teaches the techniques to share these sights. Her colleagues contribute their experience to grow this respected School


As a complete beginner with art this class has given me the best experience and learning of new skills in a joyful creative space so I have been able to develop and grow my new found love of drawing and painting


Dubravka Kalinich is a superb and inspiring art teacher. She is extremely talented at drawing out our creative desires and helping us all learn how to develop our artistic skills.

Miriam E. David, PhD, FAcSS, FRSA

I have been going to Art Class in Hornsey for about ten years. I was a total beginner, having never painted or drawn in my life, but had always loved Art. Dubravka encouraged me out of my comfort zone and persuaded me to present paintings for her termly exhibitions. Each term she brings new ideas and techniques, and introduces us to a range of artists and styles. We can take our lead from her, or go off on our own track.
I gained so much confidence that I built up a portfolio that enabled me to gain a place on, and gain, an Art Foundation Diploma. I have attended many art courses over these years but always return to Dubravka. She inspires, educates and encourages us. She has a great eye that can always show us how to improve. Now that classes are also available on Zoom, I have returned and found it a great help to progress with my artwork.


It’s now over 10 years since I started with at Art Class London, and it has been the best of journeys. Classes with Dubravka are never boring. She has created a really special space in the Studio, where students of all abilities can explore lots of different ways of creating art. There is always a project to inspire, but it’s unlikely to be a bowl of fruit. Expect the unexpected, and be ready to be challenged in a good way, in a supportive and friendly environment where you can grow as an artist alongside a group of like minded enthusiasts.


I have been doing art class on zoom since the beginning of the pandemic. It has been a lifesaver: inspiring, encouraging, informing. Dubravka is an outstanding teacher, offering support and critical insights that help you to learn. I love artclass!


Dubravka is an inspirational art teacher who is brilliant at guiding and encouraging her students. She’s very supportive, which has made ArtClass London a lovely, warm and friendly place. The studio space is fantastic, brilliantly equipped. Dubravka has an amazing talent for developing her student’s skills, encouraging us to explore a wide range of different techniques & nurturing our creativity. I just love it.


What I like about art class is that Rebecca is friendly and whenever I need help Rebecca is there to help me… Since being at art class I have grown in confidence and met new people

Emily, aged 8

Dubravka is an inspiring and intuitive teacher. However at sea you are, she gets you back on shore without fail.

Claire Y.

We’re very lucky to have found the Art Class and love the variety of printing, drawing and use of different media. Really thoughtful teaching and it’s a great studio too

Daniel, aged 12

The thing about the Dubravka is her commitment. It’s inspiring. The result is that we are all committed too, and we can see ourselves developing. We have a thrilling time!


I have been attending ArtClass since 2015, and I have enjoyed every single class. We learn technical skills and at the same time develop our personal style. Dubravka knows and understands her students and teaches us accordingly. The studio is full of resources, it is a space for experimentation and discovery, but most importantly for open discussion: at the end of each class, we share our work, give and get feedback and learn from each other. Dubravka has created a great culture in ArtClass!


My son Arlo, aged 7, adored the art lessons with Rebecca. She provides a calm, stimulating environment. He enjoyed working with different materials alongside children of various ages. We can’t wait to sign up for a new term! 🙂

Ed , Arlo’s dad

Dubravka offers you the chance of taking a journey that you’ll never regret

Vron Ware

I’ve been doing art club for half a year and it has improved my art skills so much. My teacher is so kind and everyone there is very nice. I always look forward to art club and I love using different ways to create art there!

Bella, aged 11

I always thought that I was terrible at art but Maddy is an excellent teacher. With some coaching, a bit of guidance and a huge amount of encouragement from her I’ve managed to produce some artwork that I am proud of. I always leave the Art Class with a smile on my face and a sense of achievement. It is the perfect antidote to a stressful day at work.

Donna Malone

Rebecca’s Art Classes for kids are the best! My son (8) and my daughter (10) have been going regularly over the last couple of years and they love it! They’ve explored so many different techniques and medium in both 2D and 3D. The studio is always wonderfully calm and Rebecca is super chilled. She seems brilliant adept at simultaneously pitching the class to different ages, aptitudes and attention spans! She lets them explore their own ideas within each theme and introduces them to new artists each week. I love how at the end of each class they peg up their work and discuss it as a group. There are a billion good reasons why art ( like actual art, not drawing an Anglo-Saxon shield) is really important for kids (start with self-expression, patience, observation, reduced anxiety) and Rebecca is another – I would definitely recommend!


I’ve been taking my 6 year old son to parent and child art classes on a Sunday afternoon on Hornsey Road for a while now and he absolutely loves it. He gets a lot out of it and it seems to help him de-stress. I’m sure it’s partly the art but I do think it’s also partly Rebecca Fisher, the teacher, who has a lovely calm energy. She is super gentle and patient and really good at explaining and demonstrating techniques.”


Maddie brings mix of fun yet challenging activities and tasks – all different, helping
us to learn new things and pushing out our comfort zone.

Freya Rowson

Maddie was fantastic and inspiring teacher- love the guidance, approach, pre-kick off talks through artists.