Following Joseph Beuys’ moto – “Every human being is an artist” – The ultimate aim of Art Class is to inspire students to realise their full creative potential and make them into artists.

Many of our students have taken this path. Some went into a higher education and some now do their practice independently and successfully.

art Class” is situated within ‘Grenville Workshops’ in Islington, North London on the corner of Hornsey & Grenville Road, Islington. Entrance from 502 Hornsey Road, Unit 27 (doorbell 27).

Nearest Train Station – Crouch Hill Rail
Nearest Tube Station – Crouch Hill
Bus No. 91, 210, 41.
Off street residential car parking is available

artCLASS Studio

Multi-functional studio: art studio, workshop and pop-up art gallery.


Storage and kitchenette
ArtClass material all in one place. There is also a small kitchenette to prepare snacks, tea, coffee…