Ideal for businesses and teams – our artist-led art sessions will leave a lasting impression.

Artful Sessions For Artful Team-Building

We believe art is a motivator of personal fulfilment, leveraging the creative process as a powerful tool for personal development, wellbeing and fulfilment. By setting clear objectives, ensuring inclusive participation, and facilitating constructive feedback sessions, engaging in an original and creatively-centred environment enriches team dynamics, equipping members with practical insights to apply their newfound skills and perspectives effectively in the workplace.

Ready-Made Packages

  • Collective Landscape: Produce a painterly canvas that’s inspired by the rhythms and movement of nature.
  • Cubist Portrait: Draw on one of the most influential art movements to create a design that’s focused on line, form and shape.
  • Collective Abstract Colour Composition: Compose an image that foregrounds tone, using shade and contrast to add interest.

Bespoke Sessions Incorporating Skill, Talent & Teamwork

Our organised classes can be tailored and adapted, targeting your team to offer creative methods that stimulate and engage in all the right ways. We set the structure for you to bounce off, offering the opportunity for team-building, cohesive group work and proactive leadership, fulfilling an artistic outlet while promoting collective creative management.

What Our Corporate Art Classes Provide

We aim to offer a community, forming a creative hub on-site through the work we do, the structured sessions we offer and the artistic license we encourage. Our classes come with provisions, including all the materials you need to flex your crafty spirit freely. If you miss a class, we’ll reschedule, providing your business with the regime it needs to register intricate and enhancing models and modes of expression to its team.

Artistry, Painting & Unique Learning

Our corporate offer is fully flexible. We run full or half day sessions, as well as ongoing programmes to give you and your team a creative space over an extended period. Our vision is to allow companies the ability to expand their learning in a diverse and nuanced way, offering a prospective route to development that builds art into the curriculum of the business.

A Painterly Display of Team-Building

We’re centred on a holistic approach to art, offering businesses outstanding chances to hone the creative and analytical skills of their employees. Through attendance, our clients find new strategies to work with within the corporate realm, taking new approaches, perspectives and directives back to business.

Canvasses For Colleagues At Our Team Building Activities in London

We’re an institution of inventiveness, offering corporate companies the chance to do something different. Plan your next business break-out with us and give you and your team something to look forward to that’s dabbed with a dash of creativity.

For more information or to register, please contact our Corporate Team Building Organiser – Liberty Mosse