Covid Info

Covid Information – keeping you safe.

art CLASSLondon – welcoming you back safely.

This unprecedented period has meant adapting and evolving so we can continue to serve our art community and create a safe and pleasant environment. Keeping our students safe is always our priority. This means that during lockdowns we have quickly reverted to running our adult and children’s classes online via Zoom. We are able to do this at short notice, including providing basic painting and drawing materials to those who need them.
Outside of lockdowns, we also provide an option for adults to attend classes either
in the studio or via zoom with one teacher on zoom and another in the studio at the same time
We have also installed HEPA-13 filters in our studio, and have limited class sizes to
enable social distancing.

We’ve put together the points below about what to expect when you visit and what
we are doing to keep our community safe.

We offer:

  • Children Classes: face-to-face. Studio based. Limited number.
  • Adults’ classes: face-to face. Studio based. Limited number.
  • HEPA-13 filter in the studio – this completely cleans the air several times every hour
  • Adults’ online ( Zoom) classes as both: Studio based and on Zoom at the same time.
  • Online (Zoom) adult and children’s classes during lockdowns or to comply with covid restrictions.
  • COVID-19 -Secure Guidelines
    Students must be double vaccinated to be able to join adults’ art classes face-to-face at the studio. Triple vaccinated for the older group.
    We may need to contact you to confirm your contact details should we be contacted by Public Health England as part of contact tracing.
    Students are asked to refrain from coming to the studio if they are unwell, displaying symptoms or recovering from COVID-19.
    To achieve optimal social distancing, class sizes have been reduced.
    Hand sanitizer and masks will be available on entry should students wish to wear these inside the studio, with designated bins for disposal on the way out.
    Studios will be cleaned after each class.
    We have installed True HEPA-13 filters which provide medical grade filtration to mitigate the chances of Covid spreading in our studio.
    Windows will be opened when appropriate to encourage ventilation.

    Thank you for your continuous support!